Morrisons Gift Card Fuel Saver Scheme

Combining fuel and gift cards to receive money off when you fill up was never the most straightforward idea.  After watching the Morrisons Fuel Saver advert on television I had to re-watch it a couple of times to work out what was going on.  Did you get a gift card when you filled up with petrol?  Did you get free petrol when you bought a gift card?  Turns out I was wrong on both counts.

The official translation of the Morrisons Gift Card scheme is as follows:-

Buy gift cards from Morrisons before you go shopping (in other stores not Morrisons) or eat out at your favourite high street retailers and restaurants (but not Morrisons Cafes). When you spend £10 on gift cards you’ll receive a coupon which gives you 1p off every litre of fuel purchased in one transaction, i.e. Spend £50 on gift cards and receive a coupon worth 5p off every litre of fuel purchased for your next fill up.

So the Morrisons Fuel Saver title is a little misleading, you’ll only save money on fuel if you were planning to buy a gift card anyway.