Check Cineworld Gift Card Balance

check cineworld gift card balance

Check Cineworld gift card balance by visiting the link below and entering your serial number followed by the text in the blue box to prove that you are a human being.  Click submit and the remaining balance will be displayed.  Alternatively you can telephone 0871 200 2000.

5 thoughts on “Check Cineworld Gift Card Balance

  1. I have thrown out the wronge part of a gift card out.Is ther any thing you can do to check the balance to see if it still has the full £20 still on it ?

  2. Your website is rubbish it is not helpful, I have tried for one hour
    to book ticket to see a film with my voucher and it is impossible.
    I have tried the phone as well to no avail. If this continues I will be
    writting a complaint to the ombidsman.

  3. Seriously! Cineworld clearly go out of their way to let people use their vouchers. So easy to purchase in stores, yet impossible to find out how to spend them. Is it valid for 2 years because that’s how long it’ll take you to find out how to use them?
    I trawled through the website for help. It doesn’t even recognise ‘giftcard’ as a search entry! Why isn’t it a FAQ? Clearly it is, but you don’t want to reveal the answer. Oh, sorry, yes we are directed to your 10p a minute phone line. Appalling service!

    • Hi Nikki, we are only a resource to help people. We aren’t connected to Cineworld so it’s probably best you vent your anger towards them.