Check B&Q Gift Card Balance

check b&q gift card balance

B&Q Gift Cards

To check B&Q gift card balance please visit

Click the check your balanceĀ link and enter the card number, the balance will be shown on screen.

6 thoughts on “Check B&Q Gift Card Balance

  1. please could you tell me if my gift card as been activated? the number is 5045075665522982297 thankyou

    • Sorry to hear this, if the gift card is not recognised by B&Q’s system then I would suggest contacting them, there may be a problem with the gift card you’ve been issued with.

  2. Please can I see the transactions on my card and can you tell me when the time limit is up as I have been told that there isnt one

    • If the gift card doesn’t show an expiry date it should continue to valid as long as the store continues to trade.